The Instructor Training is for law enforcement officers interested in becoming an instructor for the Advanced Child Abuse Investigation Training Program.  The 24-hour Instructor Training will be held at TMPA State Office in Austin, Texas on Wednesday December 9 – Friday, December 11, 2015.


Having the right group of instructors is absolutely vital to the effectiveness of the training and the success of the program.  An Instructor must have a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter; including benefits to using multidisciplinary teams, investigative processes, and the resources available within their communities.  

The Program will select applicants who are experienced presenters and are proven to have positive working relationships with their CPS counterpart.  

All applicants must be commissioned peace officers in the State of Texas and hold a TCOLE Instructor Certification. Each applicant will be required to complete an online application and will be considered on the following criteria:
  • Level of TCOLE License Certification 
  • Previously taught the Intermediate Child Abuse Course #2105 and/or the Advanced Child Abuse Investigation Training Course #53264 (Preferred) 
  • Demonstrate knowledge and interest in child abuse, neglect, and exploitation investigations 
  • Demonstrate knowledge about Children’s Advocacy Centers and multidisciplinary teams
  • Demonstrate positive working relationship with DFPS investigative staff (CPS specifically) 
  • Working knowledge of computers, especially Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 
  • Positive role model within the department and community 
  • Proven public speaking ability 
  • Geographical location 

We are no longer accepting applications at this time.

Instructor Responsibilities:

An Instructor will be the local point of contact and resource for local law enforcement agency and DFPS Regional Office and they will act as the coordinator for various guest speakers. In addition to those duties, the Instructor will be responsible for teaching the Advanced Child Abuse Investigation curriculum and certifying participants.  Instructors will be asked to teach a minimum of two classes in the first year and one class every other year once they have fulfilled their contractual obligation.

Instructor Compensation:
Grant funding allows for the instructors to be compensated on a contractual basis for administering the training and coordinating collaborative efforts among law enforcement agencies and CPS.  

This Instructor Training is FREE to those accepted!  For instructors traveling more than 50 miles, hotel arrangements will be made on your behalf.  Meals and mileage are eligible for reimbursement upon successful completion of the Instructor Training.